News|Let us introduce O11y

We are very excited to introduce our latest venture called O11y. O11y is a team of open source observability experts involved in projects such as Prometheus. We provide support and build tools to improve observability stacks.

Open Source Observability Support

For the past years, Julien Pivotto (co-founder O11y), is one of the driving forces behind Prometheus, a monitoring technology with a strong Open Source community. At Inuits, we received more and more questions from large international companies about observability support. With O11y, we want to provide answers to all these questions.

O11y can support companies in every phase of your observability journey, ranging from an assessment to building, maintaining, and expanding an observability stack.

Prometheus Support

Are you having trouble with setting up and scaling Prometheus? The O11y team are Prometheus maintainers and contributers ready to help. This is a unique opportunity to get support directly from Prometheus experts and maintainers.

Visit the website and receive more information on Prometheus Support